Traumatic Birth Injuries

Traumatic birth injury is one in which a baby sustains significant injury—often to the head—as a result of delayed or difficult labor and delivery. In many cases, a medical professional can prevent traumatic injury by performing diagnostic tests throughout an expectant mother’s pregnancy. These diagnostic tests are used to identify any potential obstetrical complications that can cause problems during labor and delivery. Upon diagnosing certain complications, health problems, or risk factors, medical professionals can provide appropriate treatment or plan a C-section operation. The adjustments protect babies from experiencing traumatic birth injuries during labor and delivery.

In this section of our website, the birth injury lawyers at Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers Michigan Birth Injury Lawyers | Traumatic Birth Injurieswill explain some of the common medical conditions associated with traumatic birth injuries. We will cover the following obstetrical complications and traumatic birth injuries, as well as explain how instances of medical malpractice can result in lifelong injuries and disabilities in a baby:

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