Delivery Room Errors and Birth Injury

Labor and delivery are complex processes, and medical staff must make fast and accurate decisions during birth. Medical staff can sometimes make mistakes that jeopardize the health of the mother and baby. Improper fetal monitoring, improper medication choices, improper use of forceps and vacuum extractors, and failure to provide a timely C-section can all cause preventable injury.

Delivery Room Errors - Childbirth Injuries

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Types of delivery room errors

While birth injuries can occur as a result of improper prenatal care, often they result from delivery room errors made by hospital staff, doctors, or other healthcare professionals. Medical staff must constantly monitor a mother and baby during labor and delivery and, if problems arise, make quick and accurate decisions to ensure their safety. Sadly, this doesn’t always occur.

Improper fetal monitoring, failure to take immediate action when problems arise, incorrect medication administration, improper use of delivery instruments (forceps and vacuum extractors), and failure to timely perform c-sections are some of the most common delivery room errors. The results of these errors, unfortunately, can be devastating and cause permanent injury to the newborn child. Some common birth injuries include (1):

Sometimes, birth injuries can lead to permanent disabilities. These may include:

Labor monitoring with an external monitor, intrauterine pressure catheter, pulse oximeter and fetal scalp monitor

Improper fetal monitoring is a common delivery room error

Proving delivery room errors | Birth injury cases

Discovering and understanding the complex events that take place in the delivery room requires not only legal expertise but also solid medical knowledge. At Reiter & Walsh, we work with premiere neurologists, neuroradiologists, obstetricians, labor nurses, child development specialists, therapists, life care planners, forensics experts, and more to identify delivery mistakes and determine the exact cause of a child’s birth injury.  We have solid legal skills in birth injury litigation and an impressive record of success to back it up.

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MS. WALSH: You frequently won’t hear the term “delivery room error” from a hospital but what that means is it might mean that you have a nurse who is trying to cover three labor and delivery rooms and doesn’t have time to be in the room to watch your strips, to see how you’re doing. The monitor that they put on the mom records–lets you know how the baby is doing. If the nurse doesn’t have time to be in the room to watch, sometimes bad things happen when nobody is looking.

Frequently, nurses and doctors don’t communicate with each other. The nurse might see something in the room and relay it to a resident and somehow it never gets to the attending physician or it never gets to the doctor who is fully trained and nothing gets done. So we see many occasions where if people had acted faster and communicated with one another babies would be healthy.

Other examples of a delivery room, there might not be the appropriate equipment there. The appropriate doctor might not be there. The neonatologist or the pediatrician might not be called to the room when they should. There are some types of fetal monitors that have certain kinds of alarms on them and nurses aren’t trained properly and they think they’re monitoring the baby and they’re really monitoring the mom, the mom’s heartbeat instead of the baby’s.

It’s important if you think there might have been negligence by a doctor or a nurse that you contact an attorney right away for a couple of reasons. One, for adults, so if the mom is injured as part of the labor and delivery process, she only has two years to file a lawsuit and it takes some time to get records and get experts to evaluate the case so that you can file suit. For the baby, frequently it’s helpful to get the records earlier. People have a better memory shortly after an event than they do years later. So it’s important to go see an attorney quickly, so that you can start getting records and recording things while people still remember things.

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