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American Baby and Child Law Centers (also known as Reiter & Walsh, P.C.) was founded in 1997 by Jesse Reiter. ABC Law Centers is one of the only firms in the US to focus exclusively on birth injury cases. For over 25 years, our legal team has advocated for babies and children with a variety of conditions stemming from medical malpractice before, during, or after their birth. Our sole focus on birth injury allows us to provide unparalleled legal service to our clients.

Our award-winning attorneys and in-house medical staff determine the causes of our clients’ injuries, the prognoses of birth-injured children, and where the negligence occurred. We consult closely with leading medical experts, forensic specialists, and life care-planning professionals to secure our clients’ future care and their parents’ peace of mind, knowing their child will be cared for, no matter what.

Meet Our Birth Injury Attorneys

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Our values

When an infant suffers a preventable birth injury, it can feel impossible to understand and process the medical and legal aspects of the situation. Families are often left wondering how they will find the support, information, and resources necessary to provide for their birth-injured loved one. At ABC Law Centers, these concerns are at the core of our mission. The following values guide and shape the work we do and the relationships we have with our clients’ families:


Many firms advertise for birth injury services, but do not handle these types of cases or have the experience to do so. Often, they intend to refer cases to other firms for a fee instead. At ABC Law Centers, we only handle birth injury cases, and we have the legal and medical expertise necessary to obtain justice for our clients. We work closely with families at every step of the process. Additionally, we do not charge unless we settle the case in the client’s favor.

Compassion and close communication

Birth injury cases are often long, complex, and emotionally demanding. Our attorneys and staff work to build close, comforting, and openly communicative relationships with clients. At every step of the litigation process, our small, family-oriented team is there to support you and keep you informed.

Depth of focus

Birth injury cases require specific, extensive knowledge of both law and medicine. In order to achieve the best results, our team believes it’s critical to specifically and exclusively handle birth injury cases. As ABC Law Centers founder and attorney Jesse Reiter says, “If you have a brain tumor, you want to go to a neurosurgeon or a brain surgeon. You don’t want to go to a general practitioner. It’s the same thing in the practice of law.

Aggressive Representation

Birth injuries are preventable. The attorneys at ABC Law Centers are driven in in the pursuit of justice for children and their families. We will hold negligent medical professionals accountable and ensure better futures for children affected by birth injuries.

Our experience

Birth injury • Neonatal malpractice • Obstetric malpractice

Legal experience

Our attorneys are well-prepared for the most challenging birth injury cases. With over 130 years of joint experience, our legal team has the education, qualifications, results, and accomplishments necessary to succeed. We’ve handled cases involving dozens of different complications, injuries, and instances of medical malpractice related to obstetrics and neonatal care.

Our in-house medical staff

Our registered nursing staff provides our legal team with valuable perspectives, experiences, knowledge, and insights into birth injury cases. As experienced medical professionals, they have the necessary knowledge to help us assess each case. Meet our registered nursing staff here.

Leaders in the field of birth injury law

Our attorneys both participate in and lead highly respected legal groups. Leadership in legal groups such as the Birth Trauma Litigation Group (BTLG) and the American Association for Justice (AAJ) gives our legal team access to important new research, educational practices, and exclusive legal resources. Additionally, our attorneys publish articles in cutting-edge journals, speak at medical malpractice events, and win prestigious legal awards.

Our results

Multi-million dollar birth injury settlements

Our team consistently secures multi-million dollar settlements for children with injuries and disabilities including cerebral palsy (CP), hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), brain damage, intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DDs), seizure disorders, and other birth injuries. View our record of birth injury settlements and verdicts.


Strong client and colleague relationships are of the greatest value to our team. ABC Law Centers is thrilled to consistently receive warm regards from past clients and peers. See testimonials from families here.

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