Lesley Atton

Lesley Atton, RN, BSN

Learn How Lesley Atton, RN Contributes to the ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers Birth Injury Legal Team

With nearly two decades of experience with hospital care, patient communication and special needs home health care, Lesley Atton brings expertise and compassion to the medical staff at ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers (Reiter and Walsh, P.C). She is certified as a Registered Nurse (RN). Her unique background in nursing, special needs patient care, and medical communications makes her a critical member in our birth injury law firm.

After completing her Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) at Oakland University, Atton began working in a hospital. She soon moved on to private duty nursing at Olsten Health Services, where it was her job to assess the severely physically and cognitively impaired. During this time, she worked closely with patients who were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and spina bifida. Distinguishing herself as a critical team member among the home health care program, she was promptly promoted to Manager of Clinical Practice (MCP). She worked with a staff of 15 nurses and 15 home health aides to coordinate care and validate skills in patients’ homes.

Throughout her twenty years as a certified registered nurse, Atton worked in a variety of medical settings and communicated with nearly every single type of professional in the medical spectrum. Beyond caring for her physically and cognitively impaired patients, she worked with surgeons, pulmonologists and physician’s assistants at a number of different hospitals and medical centers. During her time as a Territory Manager for Atrium Medical Corp., she taught teams of nurses how to correctly use medical equipment on babies, children, and adults. During this time, she learned about and taught the importance of providing highly specialized medical care to high risk, pediatric and neonatal patients. Her experience working with medical professionals, caring for severely disabled patients and training obstetrical and NICU medical personnel makes her an invaluable member of our birth trauma legal team.

Every day at ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers, Atton communicates and works with prospective clients. In many cases, her voice is the first one that clients hear. She works hard to find out a client’s story and to understand their needs and potential case. With her background, knowledge, and sensitivity, she is an invaluable resource for clients and colleagues alike.