Riverton High School’s Prom Queen

High school can be a cruel place.  Items in the news over the last few years have drawn our attention to the sad epidemic of bullying.  A recent news story, however, has made people around the world smile about the generosity and kindness of a group of high school students in Utah.

Being a prom queen is a pretty big deal in high school.  Even at 30 year high school reunions, the prom queen from 30 years ago is announced.  It is an experience most people don’t forget.  This spring, one high school prom queen decided to give up her once in a lifetime crown and give it to another student, an experience neither of them will forget.

Three days after being crowned Riverton High School’s Prom Queen, Kendra Miller entered the classroom of the student who had won first runner up, and handed the surprised girl the crown, the sash and the title.  Kendra said that special needs student Amanda Belnap was more deserving of the title.  “I thought that Amanda really deserves this honor,” Kendra told the class.

Riverton High Principal Carolyn Gough told Good MorningAmerica.com that the gesture was one of the neatest things she could have ever imagined.

Amanda is also well-loved by her fellow classmates.  She is a cheerleader who has a disability that affects her eyesight, balance and speech.  Kendra was in an accident three years ago and is paralyzed from the waist down.  Perhaps she can understand what it’s like to face life with disabilities and wanted to honor another student who also faces life with a few more challenges than most children.  Principal Gough, however, told the press that the entire school is oblivious to disabilities.  She says the students are very generous to each other and they continuously seek ways to help and serve each other.

Amanda hasn’t taken off the crown since it was placed on her head.


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