Prenatal (Before Birth) and Labor and Delivery Birth Injuries

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Maternal Infections

When maternal infections are left untreated or undiagnosed, they can move to the baby through the bloodstream or tissues. Failing to prevent the transmission of maternal infections can result in devastating birth injuries and lifelong disabilities. In this section, our birth injury attorneys will discuss those maternal infections that require careful monitoring treatment.


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Maternal Medical, Pregnancy Conditions

Maternal complications that arise during pregnancy must be promptly diagnosed and treated in order to prevent permanent injury to the baby. Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and incompetent cervix are just a few such complications. If not promptly resolved, these may result in permanent physical and/or mental damage to the baby.


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Premature Birth and its Prevention

Babies may be born prematurely for a number of reasons. Some of these may include an untreated infection in the mother, incompetent cervix or pre-eclampsia. Physicians must properly identify underlying problems, treat them, and appropriately administer preventative measures to the mother to avoid premature delivery.


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Abnormal Position and Presentation

The baby’s position within the uterus at the time of delivery is critical. Delivery can be complicated if the fetus is not positioned optimally in the typical vertex position (head-down in the birth canal). Breech or face presentation are two types of abnormal delivery positions our birth injury attorneys will discuss in this section.


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Labor and Delivery Birth Injuries: Medication Errors

Labor induction drugs such as Cytotec and Pitocin (oxytocin) are often used to induce and speed up the delivery process. Recent research suggests that these drugs can harm both the mother and baby and may be responsible for several types of birth injuries. In this section, our birth injury attorneys discuss the dangers associated with these drugs.


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Fetus or Newborn Medical Conditions

Dangerous fetal or newborn complications can occur during labor and delivery. The failure to appropriately diagnose, treat and prevent these complications can cause brain damage, HIE and permanent disability. Learn more about fetal stroke, umbilical cord complications and other newborn medical conditions in this section.


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Labor and Delivery Complications, Errors

When complications arise during labor and delivery, quick and correct medical intervention is critical for minimizing the risk of birth injury. Unfortunately, labor and delivery errors including delayed emergency C-section and incorrect fetal monitoring still occur. In this section, our birth injury attorneys discuss the dangers of medical malpractice in the delivery room.


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Traumatic Birth Injury

Various labor and delivery complications can cause traumatic birth injuries. In this section, our birth injury attorneys explain everything you need to know about traumatic birth injuries, including types, causes, prevention and consequences. Some topics we cover in this section include intracranial hemorrhages, vacuum extractors and forceps.