USA Today Investigation Incites Concerns About VA Hiring Practices

USA today recently released the results of an investigation into some pretty questionable hiring practices by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital system. The VA has knowingly hired multiple clinicians with extremely problematic employment histories.

One example is neurosurgeon John Harry Schneider, who was hired despite over a dozen malpractice suits against him – including allegations that he had caused serious issues such as loss of bladder and bowel control, paralysis from the waist down, and even wrongful death. In the state of Wyoming, his medical license had been revoked. A VA hospital in Iowa hired him anyway.

After the investigation by USA Today, the VA determined that hiring Schneider was illegal; federal law prohibits them from hiring a physician with a revoked licence, even if they hold an active license in a different state. They moved to fire him, but he quickly resigned.

VA spokesperson Curt Cashour said that the VA “will take the same prompt removal action with any other improper hires we discover.” He also said they were conducting a review of Schneider’s actions while working for the VA in Iowa.

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