Uterine (Womb) Rupture, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy and Birth Injury




A uterine rupture is basically a situation where babies inside the uterus, the uterus actually splits apart in the labor process, the baby comes out of the uterus, suffers lack of oxygen to the brain and can suffer HIE. This typically occurs in a situation where they are performing a V-bag. That’s a vaginal birth after c-section.So once mom has a c-section, typically she will have another c-section because the risk is that the baby can suffer a lack of oxygen if you proceed with a vaginal birth. A uterine rupture is the biggest risk of doing a v-bag, vaginal birth after c-section, and one mothers across the country need to know about. Many times mothers are not aware of this, and will attempt a vaginal birth after c-section. At times in lower situations this can be done, but many times there are very high risks at doing this and shouldn’t be attempted. Some doctors try to do it anyway, there will be uterine rupture, the baby will suffer lack of oxygen to the brain, and HIE (permanent brain damage). If your baby was injured in the birthing process during a VBAC procedure go to abclawcenters.com, we’re happy to discuss this with you.