How can stem cell therapy help my child's cerebral palsy?

Stem cells, which are taken from umbilical cord blood, have shown promise in helping children with cerebral palsy. Animal models are proving that stem cells have the incredible ability to restore damaged tissues and organs to a healthy state, with very few side effects. Unfortunately, the therapy is still in its infancy, and it will likely be quite some time before it is widely available.

Cord blood comes from the umbilical cord and placenta after a baby is born. Umbilical cord blood is abundant in unique, powerful cells. In fact, the cells found in umbilical cord blood samples cannot be found anywhere else in the human body. According to researchers, cord blood has enormous potential for use in regenerative medicine. Cord blood cells cross the blood-brain barrier and migrate to the brain. They decrease inflammation and stimulate repair and regeneration of injured brain cells.

Stem cell therapy may be able to change the course of brain injury in children:

  • Transplanting stem cells into the brain could support and/or replace deteriorating brain tissue during the process of white matter damage in cerebral palsy.
  • Animal models used in research on cerebral palsy have shown that many types of stem cells can be used to reduce damage and return motor function after brain injury.
  • Stem cell transplantation would probably have to be performed within the window of time between the first appearance of injury and irreparable loss of neurons.

To learn more about stem cell therapy, cord blood, research, treatments, blood banking options and more, check out The Cord Blood Center website.

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