How can physical therapy help my child’s cerebral palsy?

Physical therapy is aimed at promoting the motor and developmental skills of a child with cerebral palsy. The child’s parent or caregiver should be taught the exercises or activities that are necessary to help the child reach his or her full potential and improve function.

Physical Therapy for Cerebral Palsy: Techniques and Effects

Daily range-of-motion (ROM) exercises are important to prevent or delay contractures that are caused by spasticity. Additionally, daily ROM exercises help maintain the mobility of joints and soft tissues. Stretching exercises are performed to increase range of motion. Progressive resistance exercises should be taught in order to increase strength. The use of age-appropriate play and of adaptive toys and games based on the desired exercises are important in order to make the therapy fun and get the child’s full cooperation. Strengthening knee extensor muscles helps to improve crouching and stride length. Postural and motor control training is important and should follow the developmental sequence of normal children; head and neck control should be achieved, if possible, before advancing to lower body (trunk) control.

The use of Kinesio taping (elastic therapeutic tape) can help educate muscles for stretching and strengthening, and aquatic therapy can also be beneficial for strengthening, as can electrical stimulation. Vibration and short-term use of heat and cold over the child’s tendons may help to decrease spasticity. These treatments, however, only decrease spasticity briefly and should be used in conjunction with ROM and stretching exercises.

Electrical stimulation of weakened muscles is usually tolerated well in older children and can help strengthen muscles and maintain muscle size.  In a child with weak dorsiflexors (muscles in the lower leg that act on the foot) that are causing foot drop or tripping, for example, electrical stimulation to the anterior tibialis (shin muscle) could be beneficial.

Physical therapy is crucial when a child has had surgery to help correct spasticity; it helps the child obtain maximum benefit from surgery such as selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR).

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