How much will it cost me to file a birth injury lawsuit?

Most birth injury attorneys work on a contingency fee. This means that they will not charge you a fee until the case is won or settled. Once the case is settled, they will be entitled to a percentage of the settlement. This is the arrangement used at Reiter & Walsh, PC. If we do not win or settle your case, we will not charge any fees. Furthermore, any costs we spend on your case are paid up front by our firm and then paid back to us from the final settlement amount. Before any case begins, our attorneys provide prospective clients with a free legal consultation to determine if negligence caused the party’s birth injuries, identify the negligent party, and decide whether or not there is a viable medical malpractice case.

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Pursuing legal help for a birth injury case is one of the first things you can do to secure a better life for your birth-injured child, grandchild, or loved one. Because birth injury cases are both highly medically and legally complicated, it’s critical that you choose an attorney and a law firm with exactly the right experience, focus, and fit for your family.

If you or your loved one were the victims of a birth-related injury that you believe was caused by an act of medical negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. We encourage you to reach out to Reiter & Walsh, P.C. for a free case review. Our Detroit, Michigan birth injury attorneys exclusively focus on birth trauma cases, equipping our team with the specificity of knowledge and experience necessary to address these complicated cases. To speak with our birth injury law firm and begin your free case review, contact us in whichever way best suits your needs:

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