Testimonial from Keziah’s Family


Describe your experience working with Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers.

Our experience working with ABC Law Centers was great. They were courteous, they always responded when we were calling. It was a bad situation, but in a bad situation, they were great. It was really easy to work with them.

We would really highly recommend them. They were really nice and treated us like close friends or family. And they were easy to work with. When sometimes we have trouble with our daughter and are disappointed with that, we call them to ask what is going on, and they encourage us to have patience, everything is going to be okay, because the case is strong. We would really highly recommend them.

They always had time for us, they sympathized with us, it was like they honestly cared. You weren’t just a number. Every time I called, they always knew who I was. It was nice because I called them by name, they called me by name, it was just a very good experience. It was in a bad situation, but they made it much more bearable than it was originally.

What do you want families in similar situations to know?

Even if things don’t work out with your first lawyer, no matter how down things seem, there’s always someone to call. The best call we ever made was to Reiter & Walsh. That call changed my daughter’s life. They were so nice in explaining everything to us; we never felt like we were in the dark. Any questions I had, they would explain to us. They’re the people to call. There’s nothing else you can say. They’re the people you want to talk with, because they’re going to work with you and they’re going to explain everything. That’s all I can say.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I want to thank them and all the staff there because they really care for my daughter and us. They’re easy, they’re never upset (because with us, we have no patience sometimes), but they always have patience with us. We thank them for working for our daughter’s case when the other lawyer said there was no case for my daughter.

I one hundred percent agree with my wife. We can’t say thank you enough. It has changed my daughter’s life and given us hope that we didn’t have before. We’re excited to see what the future holds for our daughter now that she has the means to do different things we couldn’t before. We can’t thank them enough. They’re awesome people.

How has Keziah’s settlement impacted your lives?

The settlement affecting our lives—it helps a lot for our situation. We’ve been trying to bring her to California because there is a really good therapist there, and we cannot afford it by ourselves. It’s too expensive for us. And also the feeding therapist for Keziah; it’s hard to have regular therapists here and when we were in Oklahoma, because nothing happened with it…we were there for a year already, but there weren’t any improvements. So we try to find the best therapists for feedings, and they’re really expensive. We can’t afford that. We are so happy about it [the settlement]. Since in our situation, with Keziah, my husband cannot really work; he’s on and off, because bringing her to the therapist affects a lot. We couldn’t afford to buy the minivan for Keziah’s transportation. And now we bought the new minivan and also a new house that we can put her in…because she has a lot of equipment. You know, it really helps a lot with us. When we’re not here in the future, at least she has something for taking care of herself.

It was stressful trying to find ways to provide the things she needed—it was frustrating when we couldn’t get some of the things we really wanted for her, you know, just to help improve what she’s going through, now her being able to have the means to do those things, it takes a lot of the stress and some of the pressure off. You don’t realize how much pressure there is until somebody takes it off. It’s like you can breathe again. It’s a good feeling to know she’ll be taken care of the rest of her life and we don’t need to worry. We still worry some about her future and we want the best for her, but there’s not that level of stress there was before. It feels amazing.

What special resources or equipment are you now able to provide for your daughter?

Special resources we’re able to get—I mean, the minivan…we had been working out of an old ’99 Maxima, and as my daughter gets older (she’s closing in on four this year)…she’s not big yet, but she’s getting longer and getting heavier. I can still put her in the back of the car, it’s just a little cooped, but it was getting harder for my wife to get her in. And we were able to get a minivan, and that’s made just a world of difference just trying to get to different places. She has a number of standing therapies over the course of a week, and trying to get her in and out of that car was getting…you’d get a sore back. And then when we’re coming home, getting her up flights of stairs…you’d be beat by the end of the day. Having the minivan just makes things so much easier. That has been just life-changing for us.

It gives us a lot of peace of mind, Keziah’s settlements. It helps a lot since my husband now cannot work, bringing Keziah to the therapies two times a week. And I can’t drive yet because of what happened to her, you know, I just got here in the US and I got pregnant with her, and then something went wrong giving birth to her, so I don’t have time to go to school for driving here until now, so it affects everything in our lives. So the settlement really helps a lot in our lives and my daughter’s. It makes it so things can go back to normal. I’m excited to go back to work now. There’s not the stressor now…we can find other means of getting her back and forth to the therapies and whatnot; there are alternative forms that we can afford for her now. It’s nice not having to worry about the future as much. There’s a therapy in Virginia for the feeding, the therapy in California, things that we’ve been looking at online that we would have loved to do but couldn’t do on our own. But now Keziah’s able to do that on her own, and it’s just awesome because we’re looking forward to seeing what kind of changes there might be now, and there are just so many more options open to her. We’re really excited about that.