Rebecca Walsh: The Newest Member of the Georgia State Bar

Rebecca Walsh has been working on birth injury cases in Georgia for several years. During this time, she has grown acutely familiar with the legal process in Georgia and developed a deep passion for helping birth injured children in the state. 

Didn’t know you could hire an out-of-state attorney?

Our attorneys at ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers (Reiter and Walsh, P.C.) work nationwide. They work with a local attorney and are admitted to the bar pro hac vice, which means “for one case.” This allows families with injured children to have the benefit of attorneys who work exclusively on birth injury cases all over the country.

Why hire an out-of-state attorney?

Our lawyers are hired nationwide because they have decades of experience in birth injury law. As Rebecca explains, “Birth injury is a highly specific area of medicine and law, one unlike any other. Attorneys need to understand both medical malpractice law and the complex medicine involved in birth injuries. It’s more important that the lawyer understands birth injury medicine, because a local attorney can assist with procedural information.”

As Rebecca’s practice in Georgia grew, she felt it was important to her clients to become admitted to the bar.   

On January 13, 2020, Rebecca was sworn in and is now officially a member of the State Bar of Georgia. We are proud of the work she has done and will continue to do for Georgia’s youngest, most innocent citizens. 

Rebecca adds this new achievement to her already impressive resume. She has 28 years of legal experience, with high-profile personal injury and birth injury cases with many multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. She has been named a Leader in the Law in Michigan, one of the top 50 women attorneys in Michigan by Hour Detroit, and has received numerous other awards. She is a member of the Belli Society and a graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. With her passion for helping children always at the forefront, she is looking forward to working with the families in Georgia who have been victims of the medical system. Way to go, Rebecca!