Mother of Michigan Girl with Disability Invents Accessible Coat

Nine-year-old Ithaca resident, Zoey Harrison, has physical disabilities and uses a wheelchair. Because of her disability, it often takes her twice as long as other kids at her school to don the necessary winter garb to go out and play during recess (1). In 2017, Zoey grew frustrated by having to miss so much recess time and begged her mom for a solution.

Jennifer began playing around with the idea of making a full-body-covering coat that could be placed inside a wheelchair (1,2). Her daughter would then be able to sit on the coat in the chair and have it zipped up around her. This would cut down recess prep time immensely.

The devoted mother sewed together two coats at the bottom, and the finished product was a prototype of this remarkable wheelchair body coat. She uploaded a video of how the coat could be used to Facebook, and within days it went viral, accumulating 11.7 million views. Parents all over were hoping to buy this coat for their disabled children.

Now, in 2019, Zoey’s idea is being manufactured and sold across the country. X-Ability bodycoats offer complete coverage for anyone in a wheelchair, and have been used by children, adults, and seniors alike (3)! The company not only makes full body winter coats like the one Jennifer initially designed for her daughter, but it also sells fleece bodycoats, rain bodycoats, and hats and mittens to provide full coverage. 

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