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Pregnancy Spotlight: Extreme Morning Sickness

Every day, our nurses and attorneys receive calls from expectant mothers with concerns about symptoms they’re experiencing during their pregnancy. They’re curious if their symptoms are normal, and they wonder what their next steps should be. Patients should always visit a medical professional with concerns and receive appropriate care for maternal-fetal conditions and illnesses that…

What Causes Seizures in Babies?

When a newborn baby begins to have seizures, parents wonder what is causing the seizures, how neonatal seizures are treated, if seizures mean the baby has a brain injury, and if the baby will have lifelong problems. Parents also want to know if the medical team did something wrong during or near the time of birth that caused the baby to have a brain injury, resulting in seizures.

Doulas: Who Are They, and What Do They Do?

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gained attention in April 2018 for driving initiatives to combat the horrific maternal mortality rate among black women in his state. A key element of this task force was for Medicaid to cover the use of doulas, or trained birth coaches. What is a doula? Doulas are professional birth…