Michigan Endeavors to Transform Accessible Parking Signs


Many people with disabilities and advocates for disability rights find the accessible parking signs with which we have grown so familiar over the years to be inaccurate representations of those with disabilities (1). Many have wondered, why a stationary and stiff figure when so many people with disabilities live active, vibrant lives? Why use the term “handicap,” when you could say “accessible”?

Michigan Representative Beau LaFave headed legislation calling for a gradual replacement of accessible parking signs with this more active look (2). It was unanimously passed by the Michigan House of Representatives in October. 

There are two separate bills focused on changing these signs from the traditional version to the modern one (2):

    • House Bill 4516: The Civil Rights Commission will adopt a variation of the International Symbol of Access.
    • House Bill 4517: The word “handicapped” removed from accessibility signs; the old signs to be phased out.

LaFave says that adopting this new sign is a state issue, and to make this transformation is a state’s right. With approval from Governor Whitmer, Michigan would be the third state to make the change: Governor Cuomo signed a bill to update accessibility signs across New York state in 2014 (3); Governor Dannel Malloy adopted a similar legislation to change the signs in Connecticut in 2017 (4). 

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