New Company in Flint Offers Jobs to Individuals with Disabilities

On September 5, 2019, Peckham Inc. opened its doors in Flint, Michigan. The company manufactures jackets and cold weather performance clothing for both civilians and the Armed Forces (1). They provide job training services, and their employees with disabilities work in several different sectors, including sewing, quality, cafe working, and office working. 

Peckham Inc. is a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization (2). They provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to work in farming, manufacturing, supply chain, environmental services, and business services. 

Flint has a high rate of disability and disability unemployment. Peckham Inc.’s CEO Mitch Tomlinson explains that one of the foundational missions of the company was to provide jobs in Flint to those looking to be independent and self-sufficient. The company serves and supports people with chronic health needs and disabilities that would otherwise make it difficult for them to work.

If you or someone you know might want to apply to the Peckham Inc. facility in Flint, check out these and other opportunities on their website!


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