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On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Beautiful Me, a fashion show for adaptive clothing sponsored by Easterseals and the Miracle League of Michigan.

The show was intended to model adaptive clothing for children and young adults with disabilities who may have difficulty getting dressed or undressed, or may need specific types of fabric to feel more comfortable.

When we were all seated for the event in a large ballroom, Steve Peck, the director of Easterseals and the Miracle League of Michigan, gave a brief speech about the event. He spoke of how the Miracle League started out as a way for children with disabilities to get involved in sports, and it turned into so much more than that. He expressed how it started off with a baseball team, and then evolved into a dance team, a bowling team, and now a fashion show. Steve very quickly realized the beauty and vitality in the children and young adults with disabilities.

The show then began and the models made their debut. Each model had a different disability and was wearing adaptive clothing that could help make their life easier.

Some models wore clothing that had velcro along the sleeves, making it easier to put on and take off in a wheelchair. Others had clothing that was seamless and wrinkle free, making it adaptable to the way they moved.

The clothing was provided by Rolling Buddies and Tommy Adaptive, and was stylish and functional. Rolling Buddies even had some very cool wheelchairs with fun patterns on them.

When the first model came out, she was beaming. The smile on her face said it all – she was excited to be there. The crowd around her erupted in applause and whistles as she glided down the runway in her wheelchair. Her mother walked behind her with a smile on her face, and they stopped on the runway to show off the adaptive clothing from Rolling Buddies, which included a jacket that had velcro on the arms and was easily removed.

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Her bright pink shirt matched her shoes, and she smiled and waved to the crowd.

Each model that came out had a different story and a fun personality. They all flaunted their clothing and accessories. Some blew kisses, some took a spin down the runway, and some would flash a quick smile, then make their way backstage.

One model came out and did a confident strut down the runway, wearing a pair of sunglasses and softer material adaptive clothing. His personality was enough to take up the entire stage as he walked down the runway, did a spin and a posed for the camera, and slowly walked back for all to see him. Our hostess noted that he had been crowned his high school’s Prom King this year.

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Each model that walked the runway showed off different personality traits. They all looked very comfortable in their adaptive clothing, and I was even able to capture some wonderful smiles.

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The volunteers for this event were incredible. They were having just as much fun as the models as they walked them down the runway. They were wearing their miracle league “buddy” shirts in bright orange, and they allowed the models to have their time in the spotlight.

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When the final model finished their walk down the runway, our hostess let us know the show was over. The time flew by watching these amazing children and young adults show off their adaptive clothing on the runway. Director Steve Peck ended the show with a thank you to their many sponsors, and another round of applause for the beautiful models. It is the Miracle League’s hope that adaptive clothing becomes more available in local stores for people with disabilities.

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