How SisterFriends Is Taking On Detroit’s Maternal-Infant Mortality Rate

A recent Detroit Free Press article spoke of the horrifyingly high infant mortality rate among babies born in Detroit. According to the piece, 13 out of every 1,000 babies born in Detroit die before their first birthday. gift habeshaw 457896 unsplash

Fortunately, this rate has dropped since the founding of one Detroit organization called SisterFriends Detroit. SisterFriends Detroit is a volunteer organization that connects pregnant women in Detroit with supportive programs and resources in an effort to solve the overwhelming issues of preterm birth and infant mortality in the area. SisterFriends create a circle of care around Detroit families by helping pregnant women obtain quality prenatal care, plan for childbirth and the first year of their child’s life, and combat loneliness and stress through supportive care. SisterFriends is founded on the principles of caring for one another, creating a culture of care in Detroit to help women and babies, being leaders in the community, and making a difference through mentorship and companionship.

SisterFriends is part of a network of organizations called the Birthing Project USA. The Birthing Project model of caring through sisterhood is the only prenatal care access model that was created for women of color by a woman of color. The idea of the Birthing Project USA network of organizations is that they all help pregnant women by providing a community in which they can thrive.

SisterFriends has partnered with Make Your Date Detroit, which is a program that helps pregnant women reach term through health resources. Moms who sign up for one initiative will be dual-enrolled in both of them so that they receive access to as many helpful resources as possible during pregnancy.

Are you a pregnant woman in Detroit interested in learning about resources and opportunities for pregnant women? Sign up to get a SisterFriend!

Are you interested in supporting and mentoring a pregnant woman in Detroit through her journey? Sign up to be a SisterFriend!

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