26 Free Online Learning Resources to Keep your Child Exploring this Summer!

According to a New York Times piece by Jeff Smink, the Vice President of the National Summer Learning Association, “Summers off [from learning] are one of the most important, yet least acknowledged, causes of underachievement in our schools.”

Many parents seek to tackle summer learning loss by getting their child involved in educational activities, but find that many are just too expensive for their budgets. Some websites offer free resources and can be used without memberships. The following is a list of 26 free helpful educational websites for kids:

Math Learning Resources

  • Math Live: A site devoted to different topics in mathematics. Each lesson shows a video and then contains activities to follow. All ages.
  • Math TV: Free informative math videos on different topics. All ages.
  • TVO mPower: An interactive game which fosters k-6 math skills.
  • Cool Math: Interactive math games to guild various math and logic skills.
  • Math Run: A quick and easy tool for testing simple math knowledge based on whether an equation is true or false. All ages.
  • Learn Your Tables: A website which offers activities to help kids learn their times tables.
  • PBS Summer Math Tips: Helpful ways to integrate math into daily summer life.

Science Learning Resources

Language and Reading Learning Resources

  • Grammaropolis: An interactive site focused on helping kids learn parts of speech through fun games. Specific areas are free while others require a small monthly payment. All ages.
  • Merriam-Webster Games: Word games and quizzes from the Merriam-Webster website. All ages.
  • Loyal Books: A tool for accessing public domain audiobooks and ebooks. All ages.
  • Play Kids Games: Games designed to help kids with reading skills and vocabulary. Grades 1-8.
  • Start with a Book: Summer reading book recommendations with themed activities.
  • Read Write Think: Activities, projects, games, tools, and other resources for parents to use in teaching lessons over the summer.
  • Scholastic Summer Reading: An online summer reading program which encourages kids to log summer reading and participate in activities online.
  • Magic Tree House Kids: A website with quizzes and games related to the Magic Tree House book series by Mary Pope Osborne.

Various Subjects

  • E-Learning for Kids: A website which contains lessons and activities for many different subjects, including environmental skills, computer skills, math, language arts, life skills, health, and science. Grades K-6.
  • Bitesize: An educational website by the BBC which offers a plethora of educational activities in Science, Math, and English. Ages 5-16.
  • Arcademic Skill Builders: Exciting games for kids of various ages which test math, language, geography, and other skills.
  • Games for Change: A website which offers free interactive games for various age groups and touching on various topics.
  • Freeology: A resource for downloading and printing free worksheets and assignments.