Special Needs Spotlight: Ocean Therapy and Surfer’s Way!

This week, Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers would like to highlight the practice of ocean therapy and an amazing adaptive sports organization called Surfer’s Way! The group organizes outings for children with special needs to experience surfing, regardless of skill level or type of disability.

Surfer’s Way is an entirely volunteer-run non-profit organization, offering kids the chance to experience surfing regardless of disability type. The group organizes summer surf outings in Long Beach, New York’s Riverside Beach. The group, led by Elliot Zuckerman, of Surf2Live, is highly committed to providing a fun, safe and exhilarating surfing experience for children with special needs.

The group provides children with a completely unique experience they can’t get anywhere else – surfing can help children feel more independent and confident, and improve their mental health, mood and self-image. Regardless of a child’s challenges, the experience has the potential to be life-changing. The group hosts several events each year during the summers – best of all, these events are completely free and no child is ever turned away.

Because the organization is entirely volunteer-run, it’s critical that those interested in the program help out by donating or volunteering!

Organizations for Ocean Therapy



2010 Surfer’s Healing Malibu event, Surfrider Beach, California.

The group is part of a larger movement to help kids with disabilities access the ocean, a movement sometimes colloquially known as ‘surf therapy’ or ‘ocean therapy.’ Although the summer programs through Surfer’s Way are now over, there are many similar organizations worldwide to check out over the course of the year. Check back in the summer for more Surfer’s Way updates; meanwhile, learn about the benefits of surfing and ocean therapy at the links below!


Therapeutic Surfing for Special Needs: Resource List

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