Reiter & Walsh Supports the Walk for Miracles and Beaumont Children’s Hospital!

This past June, Reiter & Walsh employees and their children joined the Beaumont Pediatric Pedalers at the Detroit Zoo’s Walk for Miracles to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont Hospital. walkformiracles1

About the Walk for Miracles

The Walk for Miracles is a special event geared towards helping hospitals raise money for critical children’s programs and services. The program helps more than 140,000 children a year get the emotional and medical support they need to get better.

The event, hosted at the Detroit Zoo, brings together families, patients, hospital staff and the community to raise money together. At the Walk, the participants are joined by popular costumed superheroes and a royal court of princesses. Fun activities included the Kid’s Craft Corner, along with crafts, breakfast and exciting zoo exhibits like the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center! Children also had the opportunity to ask questions about vultures, rhinos, barn animals and reptiles to zookeepers stationed around the park, making the event charitable and highly educational, as well. walkformiracles2

About Beaumont Bike Day

The Walk for Miracles fundraises to help support programs benefitting children at the Beaumont Children’s Hospital, including their Pediatric Rehabilitation program. This program helps provide children with disabilities with adaptive bicycles in an event called Beaumont Bike Day.

Their program has been growing aggressively since its inception more than a decade ago, and they have allowed families who otherwise could not afford specialized bikes to obtain them for their child!

The Need for Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

Children with disabilities can often need highly specialized care, which can be expensive over time. In many cases, therapeutic recreation (like the bikes provided by Beaumont Bike Day) have very concrete benefits for the child but are not covered by insurance, putting these key components of care out of the reach of those who need them most. In some cases, the pedaling motion of a bike can help children who have never been able to walk learn the motions of walking before they take their first steps. They can also provide the cardiovascular, muscular, and cardiac benefits of exercise to children who may not have been able to take advantage of more traditional forms of exercise before. These benefits are further enhanced by the psychosocial benefits of increased group activity participation and increased mobility.

Reiter & Walsh, P.C.: Supporting Children with Disabilities Since 1987

Since Jesse Reiter’s admission to practice law in 1987, he has worked exclusively for clients coping with birth injuries, providing a deep and empathetic approach to securing the futures of his clients. In 1997, he began his own law practice focusing exclusively on birth injuries, gathering together staff devoted to helping children injured by doctors’ mistakes. The firm is heavily invested in philanthropic efforts to help individuals with cerebral palsy attend university, and regularly donates to diverse groups such as the Miracle League, Hope for HIE, and the C.S. Mott and the Charles Woodsen Research Fund. Our firm seeks to not only help our clients secure their child’s future individually, but also to help children with disabilities as a whole. If you would like assistance ensuring your child will be well cared-of throughout their life, please contact us today in any one of the following ways:

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