HIE Awareness Month Part I: Hope for HIE

HIE Awareness Month is April 2016!

It’s important to ensure that those who suffered from HIE and birth injury obtain the resources and social support they need to thrive and achieve their goals. This is why the staff at Reiter & Walsh are throwing their weight behind Hope for HIE this month. Hope for HIE is an organization that seeks to raise awareness of this brain injury. Disseminating knowledge about HIE and birth injury is one of the fastest ways to ensure that those with HIE are recognized within the larger fabric of their social environments. Click here to learn more about their organization. 12219163804 b441ff8a33 z

We believe that children with HIE (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) deserve empathy and respect (regardless of outcomes) and that families impacted by HIE can realize their full potential as more people become aware of what HIE is.

We’d like to draw attention to the Hope for HIE’s efforts to organize resources and information for the HIE community. First, the organization has published a Resource Blog, which provides resources to those with HIE. The group has also sponsored a meetup for the family members of those with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in North America. The group has also developed a dedicated voicemail line for disseminating support information in addition to their Facebook support pages.

Handling an HIE diagnosis can often be exceptionally stressful as children with HIE often have a wide variety of special needs. Creating a like-minded community of those impacted by HIE can help to ease the burden. Please consider joining their group or donating if you or someone you know has a child with HIE.

Also, remember that HIE is preventable in many cases. Unfortunately, HIE  often stems from physicians’ negligence when caring for mother and child during pregnancy, birth and delivery. It is important to leave your children with a financially secure future and the resources for the care and therapy they need in order to thrive. Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers focuses exclusively on birth injuries, with a particular focus on HIE. We have put together a guide of medical, legal and other HIE resources to assist families and individuals impacted by hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in obtaining the help and support they need.

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