Strangers donate over ₤10,000 for surgery to treat spasticity for a boy with cerebral palsy

An act of generosity  for a U.K. boy with cerebral palsy put the spotlight on a surgical treatment that has been shown to help children with spasticity (very tight muscles) walk. This surgery, called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), coupled with physiotherapy (PT), has shown a reduction in spasticity and an improvement in motor function.

Eight year-old Joseph Hill has cerebral palsy – specifically, spastic diplegia, which means he experiences muscle stiffness that impacts his lower limbs.  He is dependent on a wheelchair and walking frame. 

Joseph experienced a brain injury at birth due to a lack of oxygen. He had to be delivered by an emergency c-section. His birth was premature, and he needed six weeks of neonatal care afterwards. Doctors told his parents that they were not certain how – or to what level – he would be affected by this injury. He was later diagnosed with spastic diplegia.

Similar to Joseph’s case, a lack of oxygen at birth can put a baby at risk for birth injuries and complications, namely, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which can lead to conditions like cerebral palsy. When a baby shows signs of distress and stops moving like Joseph did, an emergency c-section is required to save their life. However, the impact of the injury may not be easily seen until the child starts showing developmental delays, and their mobility may be affected.

Selective dorsal rhizotomy, in addition to physical therapy, can be a life-changing operation to help improve function in the limbs and enhance mobility for children like Joseph. Initially canceled by the National Health Service (NHS), strangers donated over ₤10,000 to make the surgery possible.  was 

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