$8.3 Million for Michigan Child with Cerebral Palsy, Brain Bleeds and Developmental Delays from Forceps Injury

The birth injury attorneys at Reiter & Walsh, P.C. obtained a $3.6375 million settlement (total annuity payout $8.3 million) for a child injured by an improper forceps delivery. In this case, the plaintiff was pregnant for the first time and treated with her private physician for prenatal care. Her prenatal care was overall unremarkable with normal prenatal testing. When the patient reached term (40 weeks) she had fetal monitor testing. The testing was overall reassuring but had some nonreassuring findings. Induction of labor was started. Fetal heart tones were initially reassuring. Later in labor they became nonreassuring. Labor progressed and the baby was delivered by forceps. Cord blood gases and Apgar scores were normal. The baby suffered from intracranial bleeding (brain bleed) and had seizures. Subsequently, the baby exhibited developmental delays and mild cerebral palsy. The plaintiff claimed injuries were from forcep trauma during the birth. The defendants claimed the brain damage occurred weeks before the birth.

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