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Michigan Cerebral Palsy Resource Guides



Finding the right resources for children with disabilities can be a difficult and drawn-out process. Parents find themselves sifting through countless care providers, educators, therapists, specialists, and other professionals, taking into account factors like location, service type, reviews, cost, and quality. Many hospitals and medical professionals won't recommend resources to patients and their families due to time constraints. As a result, parents may research for weeks or months to find the best services for their child.


To assist you in your research, we've created a comprehensive tool that summarizes the disability resources in different parts of Michigan. Here, you'll find details about educational and developmental tools, therapies, and health resources for children of all ages and their families. We've separated these resources into different categories and provided brief descriptions about the type of programs and features offered. We hope that this guide will assist families in finding the help their child needs.

Find Michigan Cerebral Palsy Resources Near You

To find cerebral palsy resources in your city,

Select your region from the map or choose your city from the drop down menu.

We hope you find this guide to be of use! Please note that we have not personally verified the quality of services provided by each of these organizations; much of the information comes from internet searches. When considering resources for yourself or a loved one, we recommend that you conduct your own research.

If you have a favorite organization that benefits people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, please reach out and let us know! We are always learning about more resources, and will continue to update this guide with new information.

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