What is a vacuum extraction (suction) delivery and can it cause birth injuries?

Most vaginal deliveries do not require assistive instruments, but there are cases in which labor alone cannot move the baby through the birth canal in a timely fashion. Physicians can first attempt to reposition the mother during delivery to try to move the baby down the birth canal. If this is ineffective, most physicians use vacuum extractors to avoid a C-section or prolonged fetal distress.  During vacuum extraction, a plastic cup is placed on the baby’s head and attached to a vacuum. This vacuum creates suction that works with the mother’s pushing to move the baby through the birth canal.  Though vacuum extraction is common, there are risks associated with this delivery technique. Complications from vacuum extraction delivery can include scalp swelling and bruising, subgaleal hematoma (bleeding between the skull and scalp), skull fractures, intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding around or in the brain), intraventricular hemorrhage, and neonatal jaundice, all of which can lead to permanent brain damage and lifelong conditions such as cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and seizures.

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Head trauma caused by improper use of vacuum extractors during delivery

Legal Help for Birth Injuries Caused by Vacuum Extractors and Forceps

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