I remember signing a consent form. Does that mean I have no basis for a lawsuit?

Signing a consent form does not necessarily prevent you from pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Sometimes patients simply sign consent forms agreeing to treatment. Others prove that medical professionals told patients about certain risks, treatments, or procedures. These consent forms do not allow doctors, nurses, or other medical personnel to provide negligent care. Medical personnel can and should be held accountable for any instance of medical malpractice.

Pursuing Legal Help for a Birth Injury Case

Pursuing legal help for a birth injury is one of the first steps towards a better life for your birth-injured loved one. Securing funds from a successful medical malpractice case will allow your loved one to participate in therapy programs, make lifestyle adjustments, and receive the care he or she needs. Contact the Detroit, Michigan birth injury attorneys at Reiter & Walsh, P.C. in any of the following ways to begin your free case review. Our attorneys will determine if medical negligence caused your loved one’s injuries. Should we take your case, you will not be charged until we win or settle the case in your favor.

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