Can seizures in a baby be prevented?

A. Yes. Seizures occur in the presence of underlying health issues. Treating underlying concerns (such as neonatal hypoglycemia or meningitis-causing infections) can prevent seizures caused by these conditions.  If a baby experienced a birth injury called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) due to oxygen deprivation in the brain, physicians can often provide brain cooling (hypothermia) treatment right away to help prevent or decrease brain damage.

Seizure Recognition is Critical to Treatment

When babies experience seizures, urgent action is required because seizures can cause further damage in the brain. The longer a seizure lasts and the more frequently seizures occur, the more extensive the damage can be to the developing brain.  Therefore, it is crucial to prevent seizure activity in a baby.  The key is to recognize a seizure as soon as it occurs so that quick action can be taken to stop the seizure and prevent more seizures from occurring. For more detailed information on recognizing and managing neonatal seizures, please click here.

Neonatal Seizures and Medical Malpractice

neonatal medical malpracticeFailure to timely diagnose and treat seizure activity is negligence; this includes failure to treat the seizure’s underlying cause as well as failure to properly administer seizures medications. If negligence leads to injury in the baby, it is medical malpractice.

If your baby experienced seizures and has permanent health consequences, such as cerebral palsy or intellectual disabilities, please contact the attorneys at Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers.  For decades, our award-winning attorneys have been helping families whose children experienced seizures at birth or shortly thereafter.  We have numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements that attest to our success, and we will fight to obtain the compensation your child deserves for lifelong treatment, therapy, and a secure future.  We will evaluate your case to determine if your newborn suffered injuries due the negligence of the physician or medical staff, and you never pay any money until we win your case.  Email or call us at 888-419-2229.

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