Can I file a birth injury lawsuit if my child was injured due to a vacuum extractor birth?

Yes. Vacuum extractors are used frequently to assist in difficult births. When used correctly, a vacuum extractor can be a safe and effective solution when labor isn’t progressing, the mother has a health concern, or the baby is in distress. However, when not used properly, vacuum extractors can be very dangerous to the newborn. The vacuum works by attaching a suction cup-like device to the baby’s skull. Pressure is provided through a tube attached to the suction cup. The pressure provides suction that helps to pull the baby down and out of the birth canal (1). If medical staff misuse these instruments this can lead to a birth injury.

Improper vacuum extractor use can cause birth injuries

A baby’s skull is not completely fused and is very delicate. The suction cup on a vacuum extractor must be placed in the correct spot on the baby’s skull or severe damage may occur. Also, the number of attempts and length of time that a vacuum extractor is used must not exceed the recommended guidelines (1). Moreover, only an experienced and trained doctor should be performing the vacuum extraction. The potential injuries associated with improper use range from mild bruising and swelling to serious brain bleeds or hemorrhages that leave the child with lifelong physical and mental impairments like cerebral palsy, developmental delays, seizures, HIE, and other disabilities.

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