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ABC Law Centers Cerebral Palsy Annual Scholarship

Our annual scholarship is for financial assistance designed to simultaneously increase awareness about cerebral palsy (CP) and celebrate the achievements of those with cerebral palsy. ABC Law Centers will award one scholarship per year in the amount of $1,000 to a student who has cerebral palsy.

The Cerebral Palsy Scholarship will be presented to a single applicant. Applicants will need to submit all required application materials outlined below by the deadline of July 31st.

The scholarship will be open to accept submissions for the 2021 school year beginning on January 1, 2021. Any applications submitted before this period will not be accepted.


To be considered, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be seeking, in the process of completing, or have obtained higher education at an institution in the United States (either as an undergraduate or graduate student). High school seniors are welcome to apply if they have already been admitted to the college or university of their choice.
  • Have cerebral palsy
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.0
  • *Scholarship is not available to present or future clients of ABC Law Centers (owned by Reiter & Walsh, P.C.).


You must submit all of the materials by 5 p.m. (EST) July 31st, including:

  • A completed application (click here for the form)
  • Academic records (transcripts)
  • The Project: One (1) of the following:
    • An essay not exceeding two typed, single-spaced pages describing how you have been affected by cerebral palsy. You may discuss any obstacles you’ve overcome, as well as any other ways in which you have been influenced (e.g. if you believe that having CP has affected your career goals, personality, etc.).
    • A different creative project focused on the same topic. Examples can include, but are not limited to:
      • Photo projects
      • Video or other multimedia presentations
      • Creative writing
      • Performance pieces
  • A short explanation of what you plan to do with the scholarship funds. Examples may include:
    • Use of scholarship funds for tuition in higher education (for high school seniors accepted into college, undergraduate applicants, and graduate applicants)
    • For applicants who plan to apply the funds to non-tuition purposes (such as internships, research opportunities,  charity projects, etc.):
      • Applicant must clearly outline the following:
        • Purpose of the project
        • The demonstrable benefit of the project
        • A clear step-by-step execution plan


Please submit the online application form (see “requirements”) and then send your transcript(s) and essay/creative project in ONE email to:

The Scholarship Committee ([email protected])

[Subject Line] Cerebral Palsy Scholarship Application Materials


The $1,000 check will be made payable to the school or program in which the applicant wishes to participate (in rare cases, we may choose to make the check out to the applicant directly – for example, if they have applied for living expenses associated with a particular program). Each year, we publish a feature piece on the winner; we ask that all scholarship winners allow us to publish their first and/or last name, university, and a picture. We also appreciate if applicants allow us to publish their essay/creative project, although this is not mandatory.

Fall, 2019 Winner

Christian Huber, Bucks County Community College: Read his winning essay here.

Christian Huber - scholarship winner