Placental Screenings: The Future of Prenatal Care?

The placenta, or “afterbirth,” was previously considered a simple, relatively unimportant organ. However, over time, researchers have realized that it plays a critical role not only in fetal development and maternal health during pregnancy, but also in the long-term well being of both mothers and their children. Although its importance is now generally recognized throughout…

Grand Multiparity

The term grand multiparity is used in reference to women who have previously given birth several times. Some consider a pregnant patient to be a grand multipara if she has already given birth four or more times, and a great grand multipara if she has already given birth nine or more times. These numbers include…

Hospitals Settle Cases of Substandard Care for Cerebral Palsy Diagnoses

Two boys were offered large settlements to cover the lifelong care that their cerebral palsy requires. The boys developed cerebral palsy as a result of brain damage that occurred when medical staff failed to notice severe complications during labor. One medical team failed to notice cord compression and severe oxygen deprivation, another failed to notice placental abruption and fluctuating fetal heart.