Common Mistakes Doctors Make in Birth Injury Cases

Each birth injury case is unique. However, there are specific types of errors and forms of medical malpractice that appear frequently in these lawsuits. These include the following:   Failing to provide proper fetal monitoring It is very important that medical professionals evaluate the baby’s wellbeing throughout pregnancy as well as during the birthing process. This…

Misuse of Pitocin & Cytotec and Delayed Resuscitation cause Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), Intellectual Disabilities & Cerebral Palsy in a Baby.

A mother whose baby went past the due date was given Cytotec to induce labor. When the mother’s labor stopped, she was given Pitocin. The medical team did not continuously monitor the baby’s heart rate with the fetal heart monitor; the monitor was taken off at various times during delivery. At birth, which was 13…

Baby is severely oxygen deprived during birth and suffers permanent brain damage as a result of physicians misusing Pitocin and failing to quickly deliver the baby, despite non-reassuring fetal heart tones.

A baby suffers severe oxygen deprivation and brain damage when multiple standards of care are violated, including improper use of Pitocin, failure to properly react to non-reassuring heart tones, failure to quickly deliver a baby in distress, and failure to elicit the assistance of an experienced (attending) physician when fetal distress is persistent.