We’re Celebrating 20 Years in Birth Trauma Law!

This fall, Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers celebrates 20 years serving families affected by birth injuries. We decided that the best way to honor our values was to donate to help Nicole Long, a student at Lakeland High School, build an adaptive softball field for athletes with disabilities. Nicole Long has abundant experience working…

Organization Spotlight: Miracle League of Michigan

At ABC Law Centers, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to get out in the community and see how individual programs for kids with disabilities are run. We like to recommend local programs to our clients, and, this past October, we had the opportunity to help volunteer at the Miracle League of Michigan. It’s…

Michigan birth injury lawyer shares an inspiring story about a boy who will carry his brother 40 miles in a fight for cerebral palsy awareness & research funding.

Boy with cerebral palsy does whatever it takes to be able to walk. Michigan birth injury attorney Jesse Reiter shares the story of this inspiring 11 year-old boy. Doing races in a special jogger donated to him by Team Footsteps is one of the many things that gives this young man inspiration.