Lifetrack Families Together Program

This program focuses on parent education and support, early childhood education, and therapy services for individuals with disabilities and/or serious struggles. Located in Minnesota.

Wisconsin Family Ties

A statewide organization that offers a parent peer specialist program where parents and caregivers of children with emotional, social, behavioral, or mental health challenges are paired up with seasoned parents of these children to support and assist them.

Wisconsin FACETS

The Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training, and Support is a statewide non-profit which provides information and referral services, parent support groups, training, and parent/youth leadership development.

Washington State Fathers Network

A network that connects fathers of children with chronic illness or disabilities with each other and the resources they need through events, meetings, advocacy, and social media and email-based supports.

Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

An organization that provides families of children and youth with behavioral, emotional, or mental health challenges the resources and support they need. They offer e-learning, communication tools, training, and events.

Vermont Family Network

A network of resources for families and individuals with disabilities. They provide a parent match program, which matches parents of children with disabilities together, as well as a Sibshop program, which is a group for siblings of children with disabilities.