Jesse and Rebecca Team up for Piece in Trial Magazine

We are honored to have an article written by our partners, Jesse Reiter and Rebecca Walsh, featured in this month’s American Association for Justice Trial magazine! Trial serves as an influential resource for the legal community, bringing updates on legal trends and developments across the country.

In their piece, “Birth Asphyxia Cases: The Impact of Cooling,” Jesse and Rebecca explain the significance of brain cooling on patients with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) in birth injury cases. 

Their piece details vital elements of HIE cases that involve brain cooling, such as pseudonormalization and misread MRIs. These issues – among others – can greatly impact a case, making it all the more important for the legal team to be well-versed in birth injury law and consult with the proper experts. 

Read their article here. Congratulations, Jesse and Rebecca!

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