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We recently made several donations to important funds at Michigan Medicine, the healthcare system run by the University of Michigan. This month, we’d like to highlight the Jerry Isler Neuromuscular Fund.

Jerry Isler: inspired to make a major gift after experiencing an unexpected health problem

Farmington Hills, Michigan resident Jerry Isler lived an active lifestyle, but that didn’t stop him from developing a painful neuromuscular condition affecting both of his legs.

Isler became a patient at Michigan Medicine, where he received treatment from neuromuscular neurologist Dr. Zach London. Isler was very pleased with Dr. London’s care. In a letter to him, he wrote, “Due to your concern for my well-being, the University of Michigan has provided me with the finest medical care anyone could hope for.”

To support Michigan Medicine’s research and education on neuromuscular diseases, Isler and his wife, Gussie, decided to create the Jerry Isler Neuromuscular Fund.

Isler’s fund enables the creation of the Nerve Whiz app

The Jerry Isler Neurological Fund supported the development of Nerve Whiz, a free cell phone app that serves as a diagnostic tool. It allows doctors to note down areas of muscle weakness or sensory loss on a picture of a limb. Nerve Whiz then provides a list of which areas of the nervous system are likely to be involved. London explains that, “Before you can figure out what is causing neurologic symptoms, you have to determine what part of the nervous system isn’t functioning normally.”

Nerve Whiz also generates relevant anatomical diagrams and information about how to differentiate between potential diagnoses.

Isler told Leaders and Best that launching this fund “has been the most satisfying thing we’ve done,” and that, “it was totally unexpected.”

London also shared enthusiastic remarks, noting that, “With Nerve Whiz, anyone who can do a physical exam can learn to think like a neurologist.”

Interested in supporting Michigan Medicine’s Department of Neurology?

You can contribute to the Jerry Isler Neurological Fund, or a variety of other funds that support Michigan Medicine’s Department of Neurology, by visiting the following URL:!/mimed/mimed/neurology


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