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We recently made several donations to important pediatric funds at Michigan Medicine, the healthcare system run by the University of Michigan. One of the funds we picked is the Child & Family Life Program.

Child & Family Life Program: Reducing anxiety in young patients

Michigan Medicine’s Child & Family Life Program benefits patients at Mott Children’s Hospital. Medical problems can be very anxiety-inducing for children and their families; the Child & Family Life team aims to reduce stress caused by pediatric illnesses and hospitalizations.

Services provided by the Child & Family Life Program

The Child & Family Life team collaborates with medical professionals and social workers in order to “meet the emotional, developmental and cultural needs of children and their families.” They provide the following services:

  • Activity centers: These are located in various parts of the hospital. Children can do art projects, play board and video games, engage in medical play, etc.
  • Art therapy: This can be provided at a child’s bedside or in a small group setting. In addition to reducing stress, art therapy can help children express themselves, get to better know staff members, and improve their self-esteem.
  • Hospital school program: Hospitalized children are able to work with certified teachers to keep up with their studies while they are away from school. The hospital teacher can collaborate with their school teachers to ensure that they are following the curriculum as closely as possible.
  • Music therapy: Board-certified music therapists can help children relax, express their feelings, bond with family/caregivers, and more.
  • Procedure preparation: This may include reading picture books to explain what to expect from a medical procedure, practicing coping techniques, providing forms of distraction, etc.
  • Family Center: This is supplied with books and movies, a kitchenette, and much more. The Family Center also offers a sibling drop-off program and special events.

Want to help the Child & Family Life program?

If you’re interested in donating to the Child & Family Life program, they have an online contribution form.

You can also mail a check (payable to UMHS Child & Family Life) to:

Mott Community Relations

1500 E. Medical Center Dr.

F2519 UH South, SPC 5253

Arbor, MI 48109-5253

Learn more about how you can help Mott Children’s Hospital here.

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