Assistive Equipment for Personal Hygiene

For people with limited range of motion, spastic reflexes, or problems with strength and dexterity, maintaining personal hygiene can be difficult. In order to make tasks like brushing hair or clipping nails more manageable, people with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy often use assistive equipment. These are items that can help those with disabilities achieve greater independence. The following are just a few examples of assistive products for personal hygiene – there are many others! Please note that we have no affiliation with any of the companies selling these products, nor can we personally attest to their quality.

Weighted Universal Holder: This is a weighted handle that can be attached to most toothbrushes and razors. It is meant to make grasping and controlling these items easier.

Curved Toothbrush: This toothbrush has curved bristles, which are designed to make tooth-brushing more efficient and decrease the likelihood of gum injury.

Nail Clipper Board: This nail clipper has a plastic base with suction cups that keep the base securely attached to a surface such as a counter. To clip nails, the user just needs to push down.

Soaper Bath Sponge: This sponge has a pocket for a small bar of soap, so users can wash without having to hold slippery soap. It also has a long handle, which is useful for people with limited reach or control of only one hand.

Hand Held Shower Spray: A handheld shower spray like this one can be useful for people who use shower chairs, and want to direct the stream of water towards them.

Hair Washer: This can be used to apply shampoo and massage the scalp, and can be used by those with limited range of motion.

Easy-Pull Hairbrush: This hairbrush comes with a velcro strap that can loop around the user’s hand. It is meant to be helpful to people who struggle to grasp items.

Self-Wipe Toilet Aid: This product is designed to help people who struggle with reaching or bending to wipe themselves. It includes a rotating handle that allows toilet paper to be discarded after use.

Do you have any favorite items that help make personal hygiene-related tasks easier? Please let us know in the comments!

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