Genevieve Kotasek Awarded Michigan Lawyers Weekly Unsung Hero Award

Michigan Lawyers Weekly (MiLW) is a weekly publication that keeps attorneys in the state up to date with the most recent legal news from all across Michigan. This reputable report gives subscribers access to the most current legal news as well as archived articles reaching back all the way until 1993.

Genevieve Kotasek Each year MiLW honors dedicated legal support professionals who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty, often behind the scenes. These staff members receive the “Unsung Legal Hero Award.”  We’re proud to announce that ABC Law Centers’ office manager, Genevieve Kotasek, received the award this year! View it here

As the firm’s office manager, Genevieve is the glue that keeps our team running smoothly. She manages a team of 15+ full time employees, part-timers, and freelancers with outstanding professionalism, ensuring that all employees feel like true team members. At the office, Genevieve makes sure the firm’s operational, technical, and organizational systems meet and exceed employee’s needs. She is on-call all hours of the day, night, and weekend. She works tirelessly to fix urgent issues from computer crashes to building repairs from  torrential rains and flooding.

Genevieve balances kindness and flexibility with professionalism and efficiency to ensure that the office runs at top productivity. By bringing us all together, she has cultivated a warm and compassionate work environment that makes our firm one of the best places to work in Metro Detroit.

Genevieve is an exemplary employee and is absolutely essential to the operation of Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers. Her amazing work ethic and outstanding attitude, along with her innumerable other great qualities, make Genevieve a true unsung hero.

Some Words From Our Team

“Genevieve’s the invisible hand behind Reiter & Walsh’s extraordinary employee satisfaction—she’s a thoughtful, astute, creative, warm, and fun leader who brings the entire office together on personal and professional levels. She wears multiple hats in the office, ensuring smooth operation of all departments; outside the office, she attentively stays posted on the personal matters you share with her, thoughtfully remembering even the smallest details. From her desk—right at the heart of the office—she’s a constant part of the office conversation; Genevieve synthesizes the needs and wishes of each member of the firm and sets the infectiously friendly vibe at Reiter & Walsh.”

“She care a lot about her job and the people who work here.  She takes a personal interest in your life and genuinely cares.”

“She handles every situation with grace and elegance, even when she is probably annoyed or frustrated.  She is always able to calm down upset clients, emotional office workers, and overwrought attorneys and is never mean or unkind and seldom loses her cool. She goes above and beyond”

“I have never worked with such an amazing office administrator that cares so much about her staff!”

“Genevieve maintains and manages our castle—figuratively and literally. I believe that Genevieve is responsible for the overall culture in our firm. Genevieve has cultivated a warm and compassionate environment, while maintaining professional excellence. She effortlessly supports each individual staff member and makes them feel valued, and she encourages and facilitates professional growth.”

“I have been in the work force for almost 30 years and she is the best boss I have ever had. She definitely brings out the best in me. She has a knack for hiring great people and developing a great team.”

“Genevieve has turned the job of office manager into a 24 hour a day project – at the ready to help us with computers and other issues 24 hours a day; as well as helping our clients with all of their 24 hour a day needs.  Genevieve truly makes a difference for all of us – and keeps us all ready and able to do the jobs we do every day.”

Thank You, Genevieve!

View Genevieve’s award here!

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