Reiter & Walsh Co-Moderate the Michigan Association for Justice’s Medical Records Seminar

Medical Malpractice Seminar | Michigan Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Medical malpractice law is always changing. With the emergence of electronic medical records, it is important for attorneys to continue their educations. Reiter & Walsh, P.C. attorneys Jesse Reiter and Rebecca Walsh kept attorneys informed at the Michigan Association for Justice’s (MAJ) medical record seminar. On Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, Jesse Reiter co-moderated the seminar and Rebecca Walsh spoke on the topic of, “The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)-Are Future Damages a Thing of the Past?” 69 participants attended and each left with fresh, new knowledge to take back to their firms. Attendees had the following praise for the MAJ seminar.

“As the lone west sider who got up early to make it to the annual medical malpractice MAJ conclave in Southfield, let me say, hurrah!  Very interesting. It was packed with extensive timely data about the lonely treacherous world of plaintiff medical malpractice. Very much worth the drive! There were rays of hope, lots of humor, and some promising young plaintiff lawyers brave enough to join our ranks! If you want to be the best at what you do, you need to know everybody who was there today and listen closely. Great to be among friends who share a passion for our art! Can’t wait for the next one!” – Genie Eardley

“100 percent. An excellent seminar. Thanks to Jesse and Judy along with all the great speakers. One day Mark may even end this annual seminar with cheery news.” – Chad Engelhardt

“I was only able to stay for the morning session, but it was fantastic!  Both speakers were incredibly informative, had excellent materials and provided several ‘take-aways’ that I could incorporate into my practice. Very enjoyable and excellent learning opportunity!” – Maureen Kinsella

Other speakers at the seminar included:

  • Nursine Jackson, MSN, RN, Law offices of Mark R. Bower, New York, “Navigating Electronic Health Records (EHR)”
  • Jennifer Keel, Thomas Keel & Laird, LLC, Denver, CO, “Audit Trail Discovery and Electronic Medical Record (EHR)”
  • Ardiana Culaj, The Thurswell Law Firm PLLC, Southfield, “Landmark Michigan Decision-Wrongful Death Action on Behalf of a Non-Viable Fetus”
  • Ven Johnson, Johnson Law, Detroit, “Order of Witnesses, Strategery or Not”
  • Albert Dib, Dib & Fagan, PC, Royal Oak, Vetting/Prepping a Plaintiff Expert”
  • Mark Granzotto, Mark Granzotto, PC, Berkley, “Updates on the Latest Legal Hurdles/Hot Issues”

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