Choosing a Birth Injury Attorney

If you believe that your child has suffered a birth injury, it is critical to hire an attorney that specifically handles birth injury and birth trauma cases. Choosing a specialized birth injury attorney for your case is crucial not only for navigating the medical and legal complexity of your case but also for your general well-being throughout what may seem like a stressful litigation period. The Detroit, Michigan birth injury attorneys at Reiter & Walsh, PC will briefly discuss a few reasons why it is important to choose an attorney that specifically handles birth injury cases for your case. 

The Importance of Choosing an Attorney Who Focuses Only on Birth Injury

Choosing a Birth Injury Attorney | Michigan Birth Injury LawyersCompared to general personal injury attorneys who handle dog bites and auto accidents, birth injury attorneys only handle cases specific to the complications and scenarios surrounding birth injuries and birth trauma. That means they have more knowledge and experience with these specific types of cases. Because these cases generally involve damages that last a lifetime, birth injury attorneys are specialists on all of the issues that cause or contribute to brain damage, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, and fetal oxygen deprivation, and/or cerebral palsy. 

Birth injury attorneys stay current on the new medical literature and publications pertaining to obstetrics and gynecology, neurology and neuroradiology. They also attend conferences and lectures pertaining to birth trauma, consult with the top experts in the country who work in the field of birth trauma, and belong to important communities of legal and medical professionals. With many years of experience, birth injury attorneys are knowledgeable and equipped to handle highly complex and specific cases from start to finish. They are empathetic to the questions and needs of families and children with special needs.

The Detroit, Michigan birth injury attorneys at ABC Law Centers are legal experts in the field of birth trauma and birth injury. They have successfully handled all kinds of birth injury cases for over 50 combined years in Michigan, Ohio, Washington DC and other states. They have handled numerous cases including negligent prenatal care, birth asphyxia (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy), cerclage, birth trauma, preterm birth, twins, neonatal infection, failure to perform timely c-section, traumatic (forceps and vacuum) deliveries, and many other cases that resulted in infant brain damage and cerebral palsy. The legal team at Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers has published numerous birth trauma research articles and attended numerous conferences and lectured on these issues. Our senior partner is currently the co-chair of the Birth Trauma Litigation Group, a national group of attorneys dedicated to nationally representing birth injured children and their families. ABC Law Centers is the only firm in the country that handles only birth injury cases.

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