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Pennsylvania is home to highly-ranked obstetrics and neonatal care programs. However, even at top hospitals, medical errors may happen. When a child sustains a preventable birth injury (harm that occurs shortly before birth, during labor and delivery, or in early infancy), the impacts may last a lifetime. If your child experienced a birth injury in a Pennsylvania hospital, and now has a serious health condition or disability such as hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) or cerebral palsy (CP), the attorneys at ABC Law Centers can help.

Our firm is based in Michigan, but we are admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, and handle cases nationwide. We can travel to you as necessary. As one of the only law firms in the world exclusively handling birth injury/birth trauma litigation, we have thorough knowledge and experience with the complex medical aspects of these cases, and a strong network of experts at our disposal.

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Pennsylvania birth injuries

Birth injuries can be devastating and complex. Understanding them fully requires the help of professionals well-versed in the medicine behind the diagnoses. Birth injuries can be caused by numerous factors, some of which may seem unrelated, but are in fact highly interrelated. Furthermore, they may not be immediately apparent; sometimes parents begin to suspect a birth injury once a child has begun to miss key developmental milestones like crawling, making eye contact, rolling over, talking, or learning language. There are two crucial things parents must remember:

  1. Birth injury is often preventable.
  2. The sooner a birth injury is caught, the sooner treatment and therapy can start. The sooner intervention starts, the better long-term outcome the child will have.

There are three broad categories of events that can lead to the diagnosis of a birth injury. These can be roughly divided into ‘concerning prenatal events,’ ‘concerning events during and immediately after labor and delivery,’ and ‘concerning events during a child’s growth and development’. If these events are present, the likelihood that a child suffered a birth injury increases. Examples of these events include:

Concerning events during prenatal care and before labor

Concerning events during and after labor and delivery

Concerning events during a child’s growth and development

If any of these events occurred during your child’s development and growth, it may be useful to talk to a birth injury attorney to help you understand what happened and ensure your child will be well cared for throughout their lives, no matter what.

Pennsylvania hospitals and medical facilities

There are dozens of NICUs (neonatal intensive care units) located within Pennsylvania hospitals. Nearly all babies who sustain birth injuries are sent to the NICU for medical care and a range of medical procedures. Some care services and procedures offered through NICUs include therapeutic hypothermia (a kind of brain treatment that helps minimize brain damage from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy), supportive services, premature birth care, and breathing assistance. Not all NICUs are equipped to provide all kinds of care, so it’s important to research hospitals individually to see whether they can provide critical care.

Usually, level III or level IV NICUs can provide the specialized care that a baby with a birth injury needs. According to standards of medical care, all hospitals, medical centers, and birthing facilities must provide immediate access to emergency labor, delivery, and neonatal medical services such as emergency C-sections and therapeutic hypothermia. If a given medical facility does not provide these services or facilities in-house, immediate transportation to a facility that does is mandatory.

While the following is by no means a comprehensive list, there are several hospitals in Pennsylvania with Level III or IV NICU designations:

Pennsylvania military hospitals

Pennsylvania is also home to a number of military hospitals. While medical malpractice litigation differs for errors occurring at military hospitals, the ABC Law Centers team is licensed to handle medical malpractice and birth trauma cases involving military medical personnel in Pennsylvania. Learn more about pursuing a case at a military hospital here.

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