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Welcoming a new baby to the family is a special moment for every parent. Unfortunately, when a medical professional you trust with your care makes a mistake during or around the time of your labor or delivery, it can cause permanent injury to your child. If you are one of many parents who are trying to figure out what went wrong to cause your child’s birth injury, you’re not alone. A New York birth injury lawyer can help you find the answers you’re looking for, and fight to get justice on behalf of your family.

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Why should I file a birth injury lawsuit in New York?

As a parent of a child with a birth injury, it can be overwhelming to deal with the trauma of their birth, on top of making sure that their special health needs are met. Finding support as a parent can be difficult in general, but it can be extra challenging when your child requires special, round-the-clock care. You may feel that you don’t have the capacity to pursue a lawsuit with your child’s needs being your number one priority. However, a favorable verdict or settlement can help make sure that your child is cared for the rest of their life – even after you’re gone. It can help you secure the best treatment and accommodations for your child to live as comfortably and happily as possible.

A birth injury can be very difficult to navigate as a parent, but your legal representation shouldn’t be. Our New York birth injury lawyers are here to talk to you whenever you’re ready to explore your legal options.

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Attorneys at ABC Law Centers have helped advise parents with birth injury cases for over 25 years. We are glad to speak to you and answer your questions, absolutely free.

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Why should I hire a New York birth injury lawyer from ABC Law Centers?

Birth injury cases can be complicated and take many years to complete. If you suffered a brain injury, you wouldn’t go to your general doctor. You would need a specialist to evaluate and help you. Similarly, it’s best to choose a New York birth injury lawyer that only handles birth injury cases.

Our firm, ABC Law Centers, has only handled birth injury cases since the firm was created in 1997. Our focus allows us to give your family the time and dedication that your case deserves. At our firm, clients are never a case number – we work closely with each incredible family and they become part of our own. Moreover, we never charge any fees unless we win or settle a case.

Our Results

It’s important to work with a New York birth injury lawyer whose track record illustrates their success and dedication for their clients. At our firm, we pride ourselves on working tirelessly for our clients. We have recovered over $350 million in successful verdicts and settlements for the families that put their trust in us.

In order to get the best outcome for each client and their child, our firm works with a large network of leading forensic, medical, life-care planning, and economic experts across the United States.

Recognized for Our Accomplishments

Our work has gained the attention and respect of our peers and organizations that nominate our firm and lawyers for recognition in publications such as U.S. & World News Report Best Law Firms and Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, Leading Lawyers, and many more. Our attorneys earn multiple recognitions and awards every year.

Our lawyers have also been recognized as leaders in birth injury law. Jesse Reiter, president of ABC Law Centers, and attorney Rebecca Walsh, both are past co-chairs of the Birth Trauma Litigation Group. They’ve also served in executive positions in the American Association for Justice.

Our Work Beyond the Courtroom

At ABC Law Centers, our advocacy for birth-injured children doesn’t stop at the courtroom. Our birth injury lawyers are on top of cutting-edge research in the field. Each year, they moderate and present at medical malpractice lectures and seminars to share their knowledge on birth injury, in addition to publishing their articles in legal journals.

Do I have a case?

Unfortunately, there are many pregnancy, labor, and delivery complications and scenarios that can be considered medical malpractice or negligence. There are standards of care that your medical staff must follow, especially if you have a high-risk condition or your baby appears to be in distress. The families that we’ve worked with have experienced one or more of the following situations:

This is not a complete list – every child and family’s situation is different. If you didn’t experience these conditions, but still suspect a birth injury, give us a call – we will listen closely and help you find the answers you’re looking for. You can expect to speak with a compassionate member of our intake staff who will ask you a few questions about your potential case.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

It’s important to contact a New York birth injury lawyer as soon as you think you may have a case. The time limit to file a lawsuit is called the “statute of limitations.” In New York, you have 10 years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit, but it can differ depending on specific circumstances. Statutes can be subject to change. Contact a New York birth injury today to find out what your case’s statute of limitations is.

Birth Injuries in New York Hospitals and NICUs

New York is home to some of the leading medical facilities in the entire country. Many of these facilities have neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), which handle more fragile newborn babies that require special care and treatment. In New York, there are 76 NICUs. They are classified by different levels to handle different severity of injury and treatment, with level I for lower-severity treatment and level IV for higher-severity cases. For example, if your baby suffered a birth injury like HIE, they may have stayed in a level IV NICU for cooling therapy and around-the-clock care.

These are a few examples of NICUs in New York with Level III or Level IV designations:

Level IV NICUs in New York:

Level III NICUs in New York:

Unfortunately, medical malpractice can also happen in NICUs. If you believe that your baby’s treatment was mishandled in the NICU, contact us today to find out if you have a case. We’re here to help you uncover the truth of your child’s injury. 

Resources for New York Parents

  1. New York Early Intervention Program (EIP): EIP provides services to families with babies and children with disabilities.
  2. Parent to Parent of New York State: support, information, and resources to help parents and families navigate the challenges of raising a child with disabilities.
  3. New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD): OPWDD provides services and programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities.
  4. New York State Special Education Parent Centers: provide training, information, and support to parents of children with disabilities regarding their special education.
  5. The Center for Discovery: Located in Harris, New York, this center offers educational and therapeutic services for children with complex disabilities. They provide a range of programs and resources tailored to meet each child’s needs.
  6. YAI Network: YAI Network offers a variety of services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including early intervention, educational support, and residential programs.

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