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Childbirth is usually a happy time; however – at what should be a joyous occasion – some discover that their child has suffered a birth injury. This can include oxygen deprivation, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), and infections, among other issues. Birth injuries may lead to lifelong disabilities, such as cerebral palsy (CP) and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. mother holding a baby

Unfortunately, maternal and infant care in Georgia have not fared well in recent years. Obstetrical care is not accessible to many pregnant women in Georgia, an issue exacerbated by hospital closures, labor and delivery units being shut down, and a general lack of access to health insurance (1, 2).  

Regardless of the parents’ chosen hospital or medical facility , there are standards of care related to pregnancy and labor and delivery that professionals must adhere to. If medical professionals violate these standards and it causes harm to the mother and/or baby, this constitutes medical malpractice.

Statute of Limitations

Unfortunately, there is a time limit for filing a lawsuit, called a statute of limitations (SOL). This statute varies on a state-by-state basis, and even depending on what type of facility the malpractice occurred in. If you suspect malpractice occurred during birth, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible since birth injury lawsuits can take years to litigate. In Georgia, you have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a parental claim regarding a birth injury case.* Claims filed on behalf of the injured child must be made by their 7th birthday.**

Statutes can be subject to change, especially depending on location and/or the type of facility the birth took place in. Contact us today to speak with our Georgia birth injury lawyers to verify the statute for your potential birth injury claim, and explore your legal options. We handle cases in cities like Atlanta and all across the state.


**An exception to this rule is on claims made against the state, for which parents have one year to file a claim on behalf of both themselves and their child.

Legal Help in Georgia

It’s crucial to find an attorney that only handles birth injury. The complexity of the medical records and the law requires experience and the right network of experts. Attorneys at ABC Law Centers are licensed to practice in Georgia and have years of first-hand experience litigating cases there.

At ABC Law Centers, our unique focus on birth injury means that we can provide thorough knowledge on the complicated medical aspects of these cases, while giving each client the personal attention they need and deserve. Call today for a free consultation!

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Causes of birth injuries

There are many medical complications and mistakes that are common causes of preventable birth injuries. These can include, but are not limited to:

Outcomes of birth injuries

Birth injuries may result in lifelong disabilities such as:

Children with birth injuries often require extensive medical and personal care throughout their lives. For many parents, this can be a significant financial burden. Pursuing a birth injury lawsuit can not only help you get justice on behalf of your child or loved one, but also obtain financial compensation to ensure that your child will be well-provided for over their lifetime.

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