Michigan Birth Injury Attorney Jesse Reiter, Respected Advocate Award Recipient

The Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers staff is proud and ecstatic to announce that Detroit, Michigan birth injury attorney Jesse Reiter has been selected as the Seventeenth Annual Michigan Defense Trial Counsel 2013 Respected Advocate Award winner. Michigan Attorney Jesse Reiter was one of only two attorneys to be awarded the annual Respected Advocate award at the Michigan State Bar meeting. Throughout this page, we’ll briefly discuss this prestigious award and share some tidbits about Michigan birth injury attorney Jesse Reiter and his career.

What is the Respected Advocate Award?

Michigan Birth Injury Attorney Jesse Reiter, Respected Advocate Award RecipientOnce a year, the Plaintiff Bar chooses a Respected Advocate Award Winner from the Defense side, and the Defense Bar, in turn, chooses a Respected Advocate from the Plaintiff side. The award recognizes attorneys from the Plaintiff side for their exceptional courtroom skills, sound etiquette and ethics, and noteworthy accomplishments. The Respected Advocate Award is given only to attorneys who prove themselves as the finest advocates for their clients and consistently show outstanding skills in the courtroom.

For these reasons and more, the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel Respected Advocate Award is a highly coveted and respected award. This high honor is particularly prized for Detroit, Michigan birth injury attorney Jesse Reiter because it comes from his courtroom adversaries, the defense practitioners.

More about Detroit, Michigan Birth Injury Attorney Jesse Reiter

Jesse Reiter, partner and founder at Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers, is a distinguished Michigan birth injury lawyer with nearly three decades of experience specifically handling birth injury and birth trauma cases. Jesse Reiter’s many multi-million dollar medical malpractice verdicts and settlements consist of cases related to hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) and birth asphyxia, cerebral palsy, nuchal cords, intracranial hemorrhages, infant brain damage, traumatic birth injuries, and other injuries related to obstetrical, neonatal, labor, and delivery medical mistakes. He has helped hundreds of children throughout Michigan and the United States receive the funds necessary to live lives of rehabilitation, care, equal opportunity, and well-being.