Wendy’s Journey with ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers

Wendy’s son, Anthony, suffered a traumatic delivery and was born with mild cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and a seizure disorder. After months of fighting with unresponsive doctors, Wendy sought help from ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers, and their guidance changed her family’s life forever.


WENDY: Hi, my name is Wendy and this is my son Anthony. Anthony was born with trauma during delivery due to the vacuum extractor, and after birth he was four days old and he wasn’t eating. He was lethargic. So the home nurse came to the home and checked on him and said that if he didn’t wake up by his afternoon feeding to take him to the emergency room. They had seen that he had blood on the brain, so he had hydrocephalous and it just kind of went from there. He has hydrocephalous. He has mild cerebral palsy on the left side, and he also has a seizure disorder.

So I first contacted an attorney when he was about a year old and they kind of asked questions and, you know, got the medical records and this and that and they had it for approximately about three years. And I didn’t really hear anything back and forth with them. There was no communication. I would call and not get any return phone calls. Finally, towards the end of the third year I started calling like nonstop to try to find out what was going on. The attorney got on the phone and said that, “Sorry, but there was no case.”

Then that’s when I was reading in the newspaper an article about ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers and it was identical to Anthony’s case but it was a girl. So I contacted ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers and within a few weeks I came in and met with Jesse and within ten minutes he told me there was definitely a case. The staff was wonderful. I mean I don’t have anything negative to say about the experience whatsoever. In 2010, the case was settled and now Anthony has a bright future. ABC Law Center has changed my life in the most positive ways. As a mother, I don’t have to worry about if anything were to happen to me, that he was set, that he was taken care of.