Testimonial from Jenna’s Family

Jenna’s parents discuss their experience with ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers (Reiter & Walsh, P.C.). Though they live hundreds of miles from ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers, they felt very comfortable with their team, particularly their consistent communication and knowledge in this area of law.


I would highly recommend ABC Law Center.  We just felt very comfortable all the way through the process. It didn’t matter who I talked to, they were all knowledgeable about what was going on.  They were friendly and always had time to talk to us.  ABC Law Centers: Birth Injury Lawyers was a few hundred miles away and they were still able to communicate with us very effectively with emails, phone calls, and letters telling us what they were doing and how our case was going.

We went into it nervous and not knowing what to expect and they always kept us updated.  They wanted to meet Jenna and just kept us really comfortable through everything.  They’re very knowledgeable in the law and that’s probably due to them only practicing this type of law.  Now we don’t have concerns about the means of taking care of Jenna for the rest of her life.

They made it a lot easier, so I would definitely highly recommend them.  We know that Jenna is going to have what she needs now throughout life.