Chorioamnionitis is an inflammation of the maternal-fetal membranes, which often indicates infection.


Hello, my name is Emily Thomas. I’m an attorney with Reiter & Walsh ABC Law Centers, and I practice in the area of birth trauma. I often have parents call me after they’ve received their medical records from their labor and delivery, and they ask me what “chorioamnionitis” is. Chorioamnionitis is an inflammation of the maternal and fetal membranes in utero. It’s often determined that chorio is present when the placental pathologist examines placental tissue that’s saved after your delivery. This is a pretty routine thing that’s done after a lot of deliveries. So if that tissue is examined by the pathologist, and they find that it has inflammation in the fetal or maternal membranes, then they may document “chorioamnionitis” in your medical records.

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