Cerebral Palsy Treatments and Therapies




There are a number of treatments for kids who suffer from cerebral palsy. Most basic involve psychical therapy, meaning gross motor skills, the legs. Occupational therapy, fine motor skills, the hands. Speech therapy, because many times speech is an issue with Cerebral Palsy, also there are a number of other treatments like Botox injections, which allow the muscles to be less spastic, and then you can have therapy to help control the levels of spasticity. There are also surgeries available to do certain cutting of tendants which lets muscles become less spastic and there’s more mobility. In addition, medication can help treat kids with Cerebral Palsy. So there are a number of treatments for Cerebral Palsy. You can call us, or go to abclawcenters.com. We answer questions like this for people everyday, and I’m sure we can help you out too.